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Questions & Answers

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Do I have to be certified?

There is no overseeing authority at this time.  You need to check with your states licensing department for licensing requirements; which are not the same as being certified.  You should also be familiar with certain residential and mechanical building codes as well as National Fire Protection Association codes.  

Does Your package teach the codes for dryer venting? 
Yes, we have included the National Fire Protection Association Codes and The Residential Mechanical codes, with permission for use from both agencies.  

Does your package include advertising or promoting the business information? 
Yes, we have included advertising information and business information.
Download templates for reminder postcards,  

Do I Have to do ladder work? 
You will sometimes need a step ladder.  If you are not comfortable on an extension ladder then no you do not have to.  You will still be able to make a great income.  

Do you offer financing?
Yes, check out with paypal and choose bill me later.  

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